News Releases 2012

LETU Faculty Awarded Scholarship for Liberty Conference

LETU Police Chief Terry Turner, left, administered the oath of office to LETU criminal justice professor Paul Rickert, right, at his swearing in ceremony in March 2012.

Mon, Jun 11 2012

LeTourneau University Assistant Professor Paul Rickert, who teaches in LETU’s criminal justice program, has been awarded a scholarship from the Acton Institute for the Study of Religion and Liberty to attend a four-day conference in Grand Rapids, Mich. 

The conference focuses largely on how the Judeo-Christian worldview benefits not only American society and culture, but humanity as a whole, specifically through advocating and educating on the nature and role of free-market principles. Leading authorities on economics, theology, public policy, globalization, the environment and other disciplines will teach the multidisciplinary classes.

Rickert’s coursework will include a variety of themes which will inform his perspective on criminal justice, which is a multidisciplinary academic area.  Rickert is also a sworn officer of the LeTourneau University Police Department.